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Michael Seeley Public Bio.

Michael Seeley, Global Design Studio Leader - JennAir & Maytag Home Appliances.
Responsible for all product design, interaction design, and design strategy for the brands.

Michael represents a large international and cross-functional team of creatives strategically compiled of highly skilled trade experts ranging from artists, strategists, researchers, technologists, and craftsman.  

Michael and his team are most recently recognized for the inception and design of over 200 new products in the last year offered 2 distinct design expressions for JennAir Brand, enabling a seemingly limitless collection of tailored product offerings and experiences.

As a 12yr industry expert in luxury and luxury home appliances Michael is passionately dedicated to the relentless pursuit of progress and disruptive innovation to constantly improve life at home.

“As rebels we see the world a little differently.  We exist to tear down walls, challenge the industry, and set a new standard to ensure the most meaningful home experiences of the future.” - Michael Seeley

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